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  • Saladmaster was voted the #1 Cookware
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  • UC San Diego has a new program called "Drs in the Kitchen". Tast of Home Cooking starts classes in FALL only using Saladmaster!

  • Kathy Smith, health guru, so impressed she performs her own infomercial with Saladmaster!.

  • Saladmaster is a proud sponsor of the Cancer Project and joins in its quest for better health. Click here for more!

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Saturday April 21st, Cooking Class!
Posted April 16, 2012

Tired of sitting there each day and wonder what to make for dinner? Come join us Saturday April 21st, 2012 at our headquarters. We have trained professional Saladmaster experts to show you the basics and the secrets of the Saladmaster cookware. Class will be from 10:30am to 12:30PM. If you are interested in going to the class or just have more information you would like to obtain, please give us a call at 909-599-8889 or Cell: 626-893-7991 today! Hablamos espanol!

Our feature in SVG Tribune!
Posted April 16, 2012
San Gabriel valley Tribune Photo caption

SAN DIMAS - Gina Gonzales is a big believer in healthy eating. And as a local franchise owner of Cooking For Health, she walks the walk. Cooking For Health is a system that teaches people how to eat healthy. The program incorporates the use of Saladmaster cookware, which is designed to cook food in a way that preserves its natural nutrients. "If you are boiling, steaming or microwaving, 50 to 90 percent of the nutrients in your food are getting lost," said Gonzales, 49, who lives in Glendora and operates her business out of San Dimas. "The nutrients break down at 197 degrees. We cook at 187 degrees and lower, so it retains 93 percent of the food's nutrients." Gonzales used to assist at another Cooking For Health franchise in Santa Fe Springs. But through a lot of hard work and determination, she was promoted and able to open her own franchise at 301 E. Arrow Highway, Suite 100, San Dimas. "You have to meet certain criteria," she explained. "They want you to deliver 150 sets of cookware in nine months, but I did it in 4 1/2 months." To promote the program, Gonzales goes to a potential client's home and demonstrates the Saladmaster cookware. "We educate them in the comfort of their own home," she said. "I make them a five-course meal, and I even do the dishes afterward. Then people can choose to invest or not."If they "invest," they can choose to buy one of several Saladmaster cookware options, ranging from The Chef Set to The Ultimate Set. "It's not cheap but it's an investment in your health," Gonzales said. "The price would range from as little as $1.75 a day to $5 a day. But it's worth every penny." If someone opts to buy one of the sets, they can also become a Cooking For Health consultant and sell the products. But they're under no obligation to do so.

TITLE: Owner
BUSINESS: San Dimas franchise of Cooking For Health
LOCATION: 301 E. Arrow Highway, Suite 100, San Dimas
PHONE: 626-893-7991
SECRET OF SUCCESS: Believes in product and its health advantages

When someone chooses to eat healthy, it changes their life-style, according to Gonzales. "When you cook the normal way, your body will keep telling you that you're hungry," she said. "But if your body gets enough nutrients, it will turn that signal off."
Eating healthy can also help reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and a variety of conditions, Gonzales said. Denean Cochran, 49, of San Dimas is a die-hard Cooking For Health convert.
"I've been involved with them for maybe nine months," said Cochran, who owns the Now Zen Salon & Day Spa in San Dimas. "I absolutely love the product, and I'm a consultant for them. I don't feel as hungry after I eat anymore and I have a lot more energy. I actually feel 10 years younger." Jay Ryan of Glendora is another fan of Cooking For Health.
"From June to September of last year I lost about 36 pounds," he said. "I have Type 2 diabetes and my doctor was thinking about putting me on insulin, but within two months he took me off of one of the medications I was on."

CFH gains 100 stars opening night!
Posted February 22, 2012

Cooking for Health Opening Night

Cooking for Health Inc opened its doors to our permanent location in San Dimas, CA on February 21st, 2012 earning 100 Star Rating on our first open house! Months of planning has gone into our new location adding the state of the art kitchen. Thank you to everyone who attended the open house. You exceeded our wildest expectations. Feel like you missed out on the fun? Not a problem You can catch our next open house next Tuesday and let us show you the healthiest way to a better lifestyle.

We Change Lives!
Posted February 03, 2012

When you cook for your family in Saladmaster, you cook heart healthy, guilt free, greaseless low fat meals that can help you look better,  feel better, and live longer. With Saladmaster you can fry all your meats, steaks, pork chops, fish, chicken, turkey with NO Grease, NO Oil, NO Butter. And by not cooking in water, and using the patented LOW-HEAT cooking system, You retain 80-93% more vitamins and nutrients in your families food instead of cooking them out or pouring them down the drain.

Saladmaster Vision
Posted February 02, 2012

Saladmaster is the foundation for a life-changing path to achievement.  In Saladmaster, we change lives by offering families a healthier food preparation solution, giving individuals the opportunity to achieve financial growth, and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  As an international direct marketer of healthy cooking solutions, Saladmaster supports and encourages associates, dealers and consultants to set high goals, maximize their potential and achieve their own financial success.